The effectiveness of the commission’s projects in the area of justice and home affairs for the Western Balkans
Between 2001 and 2006, the Commission has provided assistance to the western Balkans through appropriate administrative, judicial and law enforcement structures with the aim of aligning the western Balkan countries with EU standards. Against the background of a difficult political environment the European Court of Auditors has provided an overall positive assessment to such activities although the Court identified some shortcomings, particularly in terms of the sustainability of results and the fact that not all the projects reached their goal.

This guide covers the use of videoconferencing equipment in cross-border court proceedings in the European Union. It contains advice and guidance for legal professionals, court clerks and technical staff.

An opportunity and a challenge: Migration in the European Union
Views on immigration can differ radically. While business leaders in many EU countries call for more immigrant workers to fill vacant jobs, other voices claim the EU is being flooded by irregular immigrants. Immigration in the EU is, and will remain, a fact of life and this study explains why European leaders have agreed on a European Pact on Migration and Asylum.

European Monitoring Centre for Drugs and Drug Addiction —Annual report 2009
The report provides the latest European data and commentary on the drug situation across the 27 EU Member States plus Croatia, Turkey and Norway.
Each chapter is dedicated to specific drugs and these are complemented by updates on drug-related infectious diseases and deaths and emerging trends and the legal, political, social and health responses to Europe’s drugs problem.

Transatlantic Information Sharing: at a Crossroads(Hiroyuki Tanaka, Rocco Bellanova, Susan Ginsburg, Paul De Hert)

The attempted Christmas Day attack on a US airliner has refocused interest on the data collected by governments on international travelers, and how information sharing can be used to prevent terrorism and secure travel if properly shared and analyzed. In the wake of 9/11, the United States and European Union worked out agreements to expand the sharing of personal information about international travelers as a means to prevent acts of terrorism and fight international crime. However, as this report explores, negotiations on a binding US-EU agreement that will govern the sharing of personal information for law enforcement purposes – while high on the transatlantic policy agenda – face significant challenges.

Better Use of Terrorist Watchlist Information and Improvements in Deployment of Passenger Screening Checkpoint Technologies Could Further Strengthen Security (Statement for the Record by Eileen R. Larence  Director, Homeland Security and Justice Issues and  Stephen M. Lord  Director, Homeland Security and Justice Issues)

The December 25, 2009, attempted bombing of flight 253 raised questions about the federal government’s ability to protect the homeland and secure the commercial aviation system. This statement focuses on the government’s efforts to use the terrorist watchlist to screen individuals and determine if they pose a threat, and how failures in this process contributed to the December 25 attempted attack.

Clandestino final report

The CLANDESTINO Project has been a response to the need for supporting policy makers in designing and implementing appropriate policies regarding undocumented migration. The project has aimed to: a) provide an inventory of data and estimates on undocumented migration (stocks and flows) in selected EU countries, b) analyse the data compiled comparatively, c) discuss the ethical and methodological issues involved in the collection of data, the elaboration of estimates and their use, and d) propose a new method for evaluating and classifying data/estimates on undocumented migration in the EU.

The CLANDESTINO Final Report presents the overall findings of the project in a very concise way, providing references and links to project reports, project policy briefs, and other project working papers and forthcoming publications.

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