In memoriam of Simonetta POZZI co-founder of the FREE-Group


On May 15, 2015 Simonetta POZZI co-founder (with Philippe DE BRUYCKER and myself) of the Fundamental Rights European Experts Group passed away due to severe heart failure.

What will be most missed by everyone who met her will be her noble spirit, her constant research of perfection together with true, heart-warming generosity, and her heightened sensibility.

On a political perspective She was a truth and Justice seeking person.

She hated hypocrisy, easy compromises as well as window dressing of political and diplomatic discourses. Hating ostentation She worked hard in the background to make more visible to the ordinary citizens the activity of regional, national and European Institutions.

I consider then a unique privilege to have been on her side in the last forty years.



2 thoughts on “In memoriam of Simonetta POZZI co-founder of the FREE-Group”

  1. Grazie Emilio di esserle stato vicino anche quando non era facile farlo.
    Grazie Simo per aver condiviso con tutti noi un pezzo di strada.
    Buon viaggio a te e anche a tutti noi.
    “Xalo’ Taxidi”!!!

    1. Grazie a te cara Giulia e a voi altre sorelle Pozzi cosi’ uniche e in grado di far emergere il meglio dai vostri compagni … :-))))

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